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Training on Monday 27 January

Laurance will be teaching on Monday at Sandringham which is a public holiday. Training is still on.

Should we drop the word Brazilian from BJJ?

Most of the time, we prefer to refer to the country of its origin when describing the martial art that we practice:  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We use the acronym BJJ when typing it on social platform but I prefer using the word Jiu Jitsu when I having a conversation. Some of my friends actually use the acronym when having a conversation which seems to be a bit odd but not that important. I actually rather listening to people referring to BJJ than using the other shortcut word such "Jits". Now, we all know that Jiu Jitsu originated from Japan but it was developed and drastically changed in Brazil. Now we can also note that we cannot quantify or qualify what was passed on over 100 hundred years ago in terms of technical knowledge. The Gracies have created a pretty vague and somehow over shadowed other lineages that could or claimed direct lineage to Maeda. There are still historians debating if BJJ was actually Kosen Judo but also debating what does Kosen Judo

Enrollment update: Epson is now full but Sandringham is still taking new students

We had about ten new members trying out yesterday at our Epsom location. Therefore, we will not be taking any new potential students until the first ten have completed their trial period. We do not want to over crowed our mats and we want to retain a good ratio of teachers and students. But we still have more space available at our bigger site in Sandringham location. Please come down for a free class or email us on Please do it quickly otherwise you might miss out on training at our larger location in Sandringham. Thank your for your support.

Enroll your kids for classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at our Sandringham Location

We have 4 weeks left to enroll your kids to our new program. We are planning to start a Junior Squad aka Kids next year (2020). We are looking at offering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes at our Sandringham location. 681 Sandringham Road Sandringham Auckland Age range: We are looking at 10-16 years old at the moment. The classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5 pm-6 pm (before the senior class). The instructor will be Jay. Jay works as teacher at a local high school. Auckland BJJ has been primarily offering classes to adults and we are very pleased to be able to open our doors to younger members of our community. We are looking at a running a ten weeks program for term 1: Monday  03 February 2020 to Wednesday 08 April 2020. The fees are $150 per term for one kid. If you have an additional sibling, we offer a 50% discount for the additional child or children. If you have a kid under 10 year old, we recommend our other club Auckland Kids BJJ as t

Starting dates

Sandringham Dojo is starting from Monday 06/01 and Epsom Dojo will start from Tuesday 14/01.  Come to 681 Sandringham Road and get your roll on next week.  See you on the mats. All level welcome. Beginners welcome. $20 per week on automatic payments. No contract. Come down for a free class or email us for more information. Please note that we will close enrollment once we reach maximum capacity.

Fundamental (beginners) program for Semester 1 (2020)

Year 2020 Fundamentals Semester 1 Sandringham Dojo starts from Monday 06 Jan. Epsom Dojo starts from Tuesday 14 Jan. On the first week at Sandringham, topic for the week would be at the discreation of the instructors.  Topics for advanced students are a lot more flexible and depends on the particular needs of the students.  Week 1 (Starts Monday 13 Jan ) Fundamentals: Mount Week 2 (Starts Monday 20 Jan) Fundamentals: Back Week 3 (Starts Monday 27 Jan) Fundamentals: Side Control Week 4 (Starts Monday 03 Feb) Fundamentals: Knee on the belly Week 5 (Starts Monday 10 Feb)) Fundamentals: North South Week 6 (Starts Monday 17 Feb) Fundamentals: Guard Submissions Week 7 (Starts Monday 24 Feb) Fundamentals: Guard passes Week 8 (Starts Monday 2 March) Fundamentals: Guard sweeps Week 9 (Starts Monday 9 March) Fundamentals: Top half guard Week 10 (Starts Monday 16 March) Fundamentals: Bottom half guard Week 11 (Starts Monday 23 March) Fundamentals: Turtle Week