Training report and Updates

We have already completed our first month of training for the year 2020 and most of the new students have settled in.

Some of them still have to buy BJJ gis and Nogi training gear (rash guard and grappling shorts). Please talk to Serge & Laurance for merchandise.

Epsom Dojo is full but we still have some space for Sandringham.

The reason is that Sandringham is a lot bigger and therefore can absorb more numbers.

Please email us for a free trial at our Sandringham location.

You might need to be quick as we will start a waiting list once we have reach maximum capacity (like Epsom).

Also, Jay and Richie have started their Junior Squad Classes.

This week was more of rehearsal and the official opening date is tomorrow (Monday 03/02/2020).

We are looking at kids from 10-17 years old. 

If you want to sign up your kids, please send us an email or just turn up on the days for training.

Beginners welcome.

Otherwise, we taught side control as the fundamental topic and Stu taught some Kimura Trap for the advanced.


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