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Hi just to let you know that we have decided to shut the clubs down for two weeks as a precautionary measure because BJJ is a contact sport. We are doing our bit as a club to help flatten the curve of the virus in New Zealand. Flattening the curve means limiting the rapid spread of the virus by reducing physical contact with people, washing our hands regularly and avoiding large crowds. Like we have said before this is all a precautionary measure only. We have made this dec ision now because we can, many other clubs might follow a similar approach or might likely in the near future.  This is to the health of our people, and in fact of all New Zealanders forefront in our minds.  We feel that we must play our role and take a more proactive action in containing the spread of the virus in Aotearoa.  Our number one priority is to protect the health and wellbeing of our people and their families. How can you help? CLUB RULES: - If you have travelled self isolate yours


Covid-19 and Aucklandbjj Hi at Auckland BJJ we have been keeping a close eye on this novel virus. We have increased mat cleaning to after every session and we will also do the following. 1) no new members or trial classes starting Monday the 15 March and probably continuing for at least a month. 2) all current members that are unwell are to stay away from training. Instructors will tell you to go back home if they see you sick and wanting to train, so don't make them do this. We all want to be a healthy as possible before covid 19 comes so please don't spread any other illness in the dojo. 3) any members who are self isolating or decide they don't want to come to training. Please email us to let us know. We support you, and because we have a no contract system feel free to stop payments. We will also hold your place in classes when we return to normal.

Interview with Jay (Coach of the Junior Squad)

Q: Hi Jay, Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.  Can you please elaborate a bit on your background? and what made you train BJJ? A: Kia Ora, well I started training BJJ when I was in my last year of university and working nights as a Bouncer. I started off just want to learn a few submissions for self-defiance, not long after finishing university I became a Corrections officer. By this time, I was really getting into BJJ and feel in love with the Art.  Last year I change jobs again and now work as a high school teacher. Q: We are lucky to you have stepping up as the coach for the Juniors Squad (Kids class at Sandringham).  It is not often that a club has a school teacher involved with the kid’s program.  Can you tell us what made you become a school teacher but also about other school you were involved in teaching and also developing BJJ? A: I feel blessed to have the opportunity to give back to the club and the art which has helped me in my life in so

The one hundred dollar challenge

Congratulations to Adam for winning his division at the inaugural SJJIF Oceania championship. Adam also won our 100 dollars challenge for the most submissions as well. Years ago, we decided to reward our competitor with the most competitor that has the most submissions during a competition. In case of a draw, then both competitors would split the cash. Even if the competition format is point system, we always want our competitors to strive to finish by submission instead of points. Hence the cash price of 100 dollars. Also, the club refunded half of the entry fees for our competitors and it included half or their membership fees which they had to pay to the SJJIF New Zealand Federation.

Family discount at Sandringham

The classes for our Junior Squad are filling up in Sandringham. We offer a special deal for family. It is $30 per week on automatic payment for the entire family. We have Dad, mum and siblings taking advantage of this special offer. The parents can always attend our adult classes which starts after our junior class on Monday and Wednesday. We want families to train together. Having your kids doing the same activity together save the hassle of the parents having to drive around for each separate activity. Having the parents training BJJ has also many bonuses. The parents are getting fit and also are learning the martial art and are able to help out their kids in their new martial art. Please come down for a free class or email us if you need more information. Sandringham Classes  Taking new members. Beginners welcome. Junior Squad  (kids from 10-17 years old) during school terms Mondays and Wednesday from 4.30 to 6 pm. Adults: Mondays and Wednesdays fr