Covid-19 and Aucklandbjj
Hi at Auckland BJJ we have been keeping a close eye on this novel virus.
We have increased mat cleaning to after every session and we will also do the following.
1) no new members or trial classes starting Monday the 15 March and probably continuing for at least a month.
2) all current members that are unwell are to stay away from training. Instructors will tell you to go back home if they see you sick and wanting to train, so don't make them do this. We all want to be a healthy as possible before covid 19 comes so please don't spread any other illness in the dojo.
3) any members who are self isolating or decide they don't want to come to training. Please email us to let us know. We support you, and because we have a no contract system feel free to stop payments. We will also hold your place in classes when we return to normal.


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