Rise from the ashes: Training report week 1

This week, we finally restarted our classes 
after we closed on 15 March.
It was nice to see that most our members were back on the mats.

There are still a few members missing.

Which brings to the following ideas:

If you do not want to restart straight away and would like to postpone until further, please let us know and we will continue to pause your account.

Also if any of members have financial difficulties, please let us the coaches know.
We will like you to train for free.

If you know any members that are difficulties and are too shy to ask for the free training, please us know and you will try to reach out to see if we can help.

Sandringham is back to normal and we are taking new members.

Epsom has some changes.
Members cannot no longer park on the Woodhall road and need to park in other adjacent streets.

Our Junior squads is back training and we are taking new kids to train.

Also we are proud to be mentioned by the Auckland Police for our partnership between the Mangere East Prevention Team, Mangere De La Salle College and Future Kimonos.


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