Rolling Marathon (6 hours) for Variety Charity organised by Bucklands Beach BJJ

I have already shared the facebook event but I wanted to elaborate a bit more.

This a good occasion to roll with different training partners and raise some funds for Variety (the children's charity).

"Following the Covid 19 issues, Variety Children’s Charity have been continuing to support under privileged children and require as much support as they can during these difficult times.
We have decided to continue with the fundraisers in the hope of helping this amazing cause.
We are looking for grapplers from any club to come along and train free of charge with a donation they can afford.
There will be a collection in the day for any donations at our Pakuranga Plaza academy"

Andy Medalf is hosting the event at his new location.

Saturday 4 July 2020.

10 Avlesbury Street

It is located at the Pakuranga Plaza.

The event is 6 hours long and you can choose how long you want to roll for and what time to attend.

Andy mentioned that there are usually lot of of participants at the beginning and at the end.

The event starts at 10 am and finish at 4 pm.

But there were not many participants in the middle.

The challenge of the event is to have people rolling during the entire event.

We do not want to "break" the chain so to speak.

Therefore I might suggest attending around  midday and grab a late lunch later on.

If you are planning to do roll for the entire event, you might want to bring an extra gi.

Regarding Nogi, I am pretty sure that it is ok to roll nogi but I suspect that majority of the participants would be rollling GI.

Of course, do not roll too hard as it is a fund raising but also some of the participants would have been rolling for the entire event.

Pace yourself.


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