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The first item on our Shomen

  Shomen  is the front of the dojo, a place where images, symbols or objects of value and respect are placed.  ' Shomen ' can be loosely translated as 'journeying in the proper direction'.  A  Shomen  wall is always located on a wall where there are no doors. Stu has put the picture of Kano on 28 October which coincide with Kano birthday on Shomen. Kano is the founder of Judo and used Jiu-Jitsu as the foundation of his martial art.  We will be adding more images and painting in the near future as we grow. Why do we have a shomen on a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club? I guess we got the tradition from training in Judo Dojo and we were expected to follow Judo protocols for years as a tenant. We got used to it and I think we would miss it if we did not have it anymore. To be honest, I like it as it give sense of formality and respect for the location, the instructors and the students.

Normal Class from 6-8 on Monday 26 October (Public Holiday)

 Laurance will be teaching guard sweeps on Monday which is a public holiday.   We are only open for adults class and not the kids class. We are taking new members (all level welcome). Please email us for more information. We have 5 evening classes per night ($40 per week for adults unlimited) and ($25 for kids - only 2 classes per week)

Training report: Guard Passes and Heelhooks

 We had another busy week at our new location in Onehuga with nigh classes every week nights Our new address is Church Street, Onhehunga, Auckland We are still taking new students of all levels. Beginners welcome. We also started our kids program which is held from 4.30 to 5.30 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. The age group is around 10 to 16  years old. We might another classes for younger students if there is enough demand. The price for the kids is $ 25 per week. Also, we started our nogi season which means we have gi training on Mondays and Thursdays. Nogi classes are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Last Friday, James taught the system of heelhooks. New sparring protocol: Please agree with your sparring partner prior rolling if you want to use heelhooks during rolling. Do not crank a heelhook as they can injure really fast. Never use heelhook in the gi training. If someone can injured, we might review our policy and ban heelhooks. We are planning to have graduation on Thursday 05

Training report: One week at Auckland BJJ new location Onehunga

This week has been really exciting with 5 evening classes (from Monday to Friday) and our Saturday  morning Rolling Session from 10 to 12. We had Laurence teaching Monday and Wednesday classes. Stu taught the Tuesday and Thursday classes. James completed the week by teaching a nogi class on Friday. On Saturday, we had our first open mats. Now the open mats is just for the paying members of the club and are not open to non members at the moment. Basically open mats is not a class and students can just roll. It is not an open door policy ie not open to the public. Next week we are starting our nogi season. Nogi on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. We are taking new members (Seniors and Juniors). Our fees are $40 per week for senior and $25 per week for Juniors The Junior classes will start from next week as well. Term 4 classes start Monday 12th October from 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm. Our new address is 35 Church Street, Onehunga

Nogi Season is starting

 From next week, that is Tuesday 13 October, Nogi season will start. Mondays night: Gi Tuesday night: Nogi Wednesday night: Nogi Thursday night:: Gi Friday night: Nogi.

New Venue New Mats !!!

We have finally got all our mats delivered to 35 church street Onehunga and are ready for business. Please come and train with us at our new exciting location. Seniors training 6-8pm Monday to Friday Please use this link to give us your payment details as we are moving away from hello club. Not our actual signage