The first item on our Shomen

 Shomen is the front of the dojo, a place where images, symbols or objects of value and

respect are placed. 

'Shomen' can be loosely translated as 'journeying in the proper direction'. 

Shomen wall is always located on a wall where there are no doors.

Stu has put the picture of Kano on 28 October which coincide with Kano birthday on Shomen.

Kano is the founder of Judo and used Jiu-Jitsu as the foundation of his martial art. 

We will be adding more images and painting in the near future as we grow.

Why do we have a shomen on a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club?

I guess we got the tradition from training in Judo Dojo and we were expected to follow Judo protocols for years as a tenant.

We got used to it and I think we would miss it if we did not have it anymore.

To be honest, I like it as it give sense of formality and respect for the location, the instructors and the students.


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