Training report: One week at Auckland BJJ new location Onehunga

This week has been really exciting with 5 evening classes (from Monday to Friday) and our Saturday 
morning Rolling Session from 10 to 12.

We had Laurence teaching Monday and Wednesday classes.

Stu taught the Tuesday and Thursday classes.

James completed the week by teaching a nogi class on Friday.

On Saturday, we had our first open mats.

Now the open mats is just for the paying members of the club and are not open to non members at the moment.

Basically open mats is not a class and students can just roll.

It is not an open door policy ie not open to the public.

Next week we are starting our nogi season.

Nogi on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

We are taking new members (Seniors and Juniors).

Our fees are $40 per week for senior and $25 per week for Juniors

The Junior classes will start from next week as well.

Term 4 classes start Monday 12th October from 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

Our new address is 35 Church Street, Onehunga


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