Training Frequency: 2 hours format versus the 1 hour (or even 45 minutes) format

 We offer a mixed class of 2 hours from Mondays to Fridays.


The first 30 minutes consists off 30 mintures of light warm up, drills and stretches.

We are not strict on ponctuality as we all understand that everyone has to work, commute etc..

If you are late, just jump in the mats and do your own quick warm up if required.

Always say hi to the instructor as you join the group.


Topic of the week.

Class can be split into advance and fundamentals if required

6.50 to 7.00 

Situational rolling (sparring) from the topic of the week.

7-8 pm.

Couple of rounds of takedowns also known as Tachi-waza

then the rest of the class is spend on rolling (sparring) aka ne-waza.

Spring & Summer

We tend to have more nogi classes.

Gi: Mondays and Thursday

Nogi: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Friday Nogi class tends to be more advanced and you would be expected to have some basic knowledges.

Saturday Morning Sparring is from 10-12.

Also known as open mats because there is no formal class taught by an instructor.

Students can drill and spars etc...

Currently, club members only.

WHY do we have a 2 hours classes compare to other clubs that have only 1 hour class?

Most gyms are offering the advanced and the beginners into 2 seperate classes.

We kept the 2 hours format because our students prefer the longer session.

Especially the 1 hour sparring at the end.

One hour format (even some gyms are running a 45 minutes format) is short.

By the time you have a quick warm up, technique of the day , you probably would end up with 2-3 rounds of sparring.

Therefore you would need to choose your sparring partner carefully to maximise your training schedule.

Back to our gym, you do not have to every rounds of sparring for one hour on a daily basis but you could if you wanted to.

You can also leave training early if you need to.

Please do not burn yourself out.

Sometimes, training light one hour every day of the week is better than training hard twice a week.

I just posted videos from Zahabi on how to train BJJ and he has some great advices.


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