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  From NZ grappler website FEB 27: No-Gi Auckland Regionals Mar 20: No-Gi Wellingtown Regionals Mar 27: No-Gi Christchurch Regionals May 1: No-Gi Auckland Regionals June 19: Gi Dunedin Regionals Jul 3: Gi Wellington Regionals Aug 7: Gi Auckland Regionals Sep 11: Gi Rotorua - North Island Championship Sep 25: Gi Christchurch - South island Championship Oct 30; GI Auckland Nationals

New Mural for our Shomen

 Xmas came early for Auckland BJJ. Gwilym painted a mural which consist of 4 hammerheads sharks. Please check the art work on the below links to see some more of his art work. Thank you for spending the week end painting. Artist name is GWIL.

Step-by-Step guide How To create and Run a successful BJJ competition

 An interesting question popped up on a Facebook BJJ group regarding what are the BJJ competitors are looking for. I thought I will go into details about the event that Stu ran for our Junior squad hoping that it could encourage and give ideas for other clubs to run BJJ competitions in the future. Goals: Have fun, encourage students to compete and keep it free. Cost It is usually the biggest factor. In our case, we had a sponsor Barry Satchell consultants Limited. With the sponsorship, we manage to cover some of the expenses. Possibility to improve Obtain more sponsors. Venue Our club.  By hosting it in our own location, we avoided leasing a site and having to move our own mats. We have about 155 meters square of mats so we could run 2 matches at the same time. We only had 10 plastics chairs and a few sofas. Possibility to improve: Renting more chairs for the next event. Entry Fee Free for participants and spectators. Possibility to improve: Rules set: We used submission only format wi

Xmas timetable

Monday 21 December: open Tuesday 22 December: open Wednesday 23 December: open. BQQ at the end of training. Donation $5 for meat. BYO. Thursday 24 December: Closed Friday 25 December: Closed Saturday 26 December: Open mats for members only from 10 am Monday 28 December: Closed Tuesday 29 December: Open Wednesday 30  December: Open.  Thursday 31 December: Closed Friday 1 January: Closed Saturday 2 January: open mats for members only from 10 am Monday 04 January: Closed Tuesday 05 January: open Wednesday 06 January: open Thursday 07 January: open  Friday 08 January: open

Barry Satchell, Junior Squad Competition at Auckland BJJ

 We hosted our first inaugural Barry Satchell Junior Squad competition. We would to thank our coaches (Jay, Marcio, Ben, Antony) that had volunteering and teaching BJJ and Judo at schools in Auckland. We had participants from Marcelin College, De La Salle, Onehunga and Howick schools. We also would like to thank Buckland Beach BJJ for visiting and competing. Thank you to our naming Sponsor Barry Satchell consultants limited who made it possible to run a high quality competition completely free for every competitor. As most of our competitors were competing for the first time this competition was a great way for them to get a taste. Also, we will like to thanks Future Kimonos for giving prizes. Full results are found here We will remain open for the summer holidays and new members are welcome. Classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays (4.30 to 5.45 pm).