Q: How many classes do you offer and were are you located?

A: We have evening classes for adults from 6-8 pm from Mondays to Fridays. Our location is 35 Church Street, Onehunga, Auckland. 

Juniors (12-17 years old) is from 4.30 to 5.45 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. The commencing date is to be confirmed. Please email us for starting date and go on our waiting list. email info@aucklandbjj.com

We are looking at starting a kids (5-11 years old) this year. Please email us if you want to your kid to go our waiting list. email info@aucklandbjj.com

We have 150 sqm of mats.

Q: Do you give discount for family?

A: Yes, we do please enquire at info@aucklandbjj.com

Q: What do I bring?

A: Regular work out clothes, no pockets or zips but we also have a loaner uniform available if you choose to attend ghi classes (just need to pay for laundry costs), water bottle and slip on shoes (jandals).

Q: Where can I buy the uniforms?

A: You can buy your uniforms such as Gh and belt from our stock. 

Q: Do you I need to buy the uniform from the club?

A: No, we do not enforce our students to buy our products. 

Q: How much are the fees?

A: For adults, the fees is $40 per week. Juniors and kids will be $25 per week. Enquire for family discount at info@aucklandbjj.com

Q: What is the structure of the class and do I need to attend the entire 2 hours session?

A: We start our class at 6pm with warm up and takedowns drills for about 20 minutes. Which we follow up with the techniques of the week for 30 minutes. Then we have sparring for the rest of the class (about 1 hour). The class usually finishes around 8 pm. 

Q: How often can I train?

A: It is unlimited training. We also have an adult open mats for members only on Saturdays from 10 am to 12 noon. 

Q: What is an open mats?

A: It is not a formal class where an instructor is teaching techniques. It consist of students drilling techniques and sparring.

Q: Do you offer privates classes for members?

A: Yes, but at extra cost, enquire with your instructors for time.

Q: How is the grading organised?

A: We have a grading in June and December when students receive their new belt depending on their progress and performance.

Q: Do I need to compete?

A: No. While we encourage and train our student to compete, we also focus on other aspect of this martial such as self-defense and fitness.

A: How do I start?

Q: Just turn up for a free class.


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