Training Report: 1

This week, we covered the questions and answers topic. 

 Each class started with 1 step roll where one person does one move at the time and do not offer much resistance. 
 It is considered as a chess game and the idea is to only use techniques which make the student realise that he is missing some techniques or lack of knowledge in certain position.

Instead of tolling with your A game and compensate your lack of techniques with strength and speed, the one step roll is used a learning tool.

Some of the techniques covered were: top half guard, bottom half guard, pendulum sweep, side control escapes.

Doc Alex also introduced us to some fitness exercise to help strenghening the core and therefore prevents lower back pain,

Open mats Saturday was popular. 
It is from 10 am to 12.
Only available for paying members.

The Junior Squad classes should start on the 18/01/20.
The inaugural kids classes (5-12) should start at the beginning of February.
Please email us if you want to put your child on the waiting list.

We also have 

27 February 2021 is the first competition of the the year
NZ grappler NO GI Auckland Regional.

Also we are planning to run some inter clubs competition to gain more experience through the semester.

Also, we are taking new members.
Please come down a free class.
We have classes Mon to Frid (6-8 pm)
$40 per week.



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