Training report: Kids classes have started

 Kids classes are on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:45-4:30(5+) 4:30-4:45(10+). 35

Church St Onehunga Auckland, New Zealand.


We have added an additional 2 coaches (Ed & Ken) for the kids classes which means that we have now 8 coaches teaching all the various classes (Adults and Kids).

Stu and Serge are taking Tuesdays and Thursdays and are the back up for the other adults classes.

Laurance and Luiz are teaching on Mondays and Thursdays.

James is taking the friday nogi class.

Jay, Ed & Ken will covering the kids classes.

We are still taking new students (kids and adults).

Please contact us to book for your free trial class.


On Saturday 06 March, we will be our hosting our No Gi Submissions competition.

It is $10 only. 

The event is open to all the clubs and you do not have to member of any federations.

There will be no medals.

It is Subs only so no points is counted but we are using the below SJJF rules for Legal Techniques & Illegal Techniques & Submissions.

See below link to sign up for the comp.


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