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End of term 1 pictures

  Please see below pictures from our last class for term 1. We have 2 age group classes. The kids (age from 5-11) and the Juniors (from 12-17) Depending on their maturity, some kids can join the Juniors earlier on. Please note that our kids program is currently full for term 2 but you can choose to email us if you want your kid to join the waiting list (in case we have a cancellation). For the Juniors class, we are taking 5 new members.  Please send us an email at if you want to reserve a spot.

ADCC open Abu Dhabi Combat Club NZ 26 June 2021

 ADCC open Abu Dhabi Combat Club NZ 26 June 2021

AKLBJJ in-house competition

 A few pictures sent by Cameron Pratt. Thank you for the support. We are planning to run similar event about 3 times per year. Subs Only, Round Robin, No GI and No Gi. SJJF submissions only.