Graduation Date and pictures

 Graduation for Semester 1 is Tuesday 01 June.

Also, we had Janodya who went  back to Sydney after training with us for the past few months.

Janodoya is always forward to train BJJ once he returned back to Australia.

Adam Wilson won the Gold medal at the National NZ grappler competition. Well done.

Stu got 2 bronze medals

Ryan got a silver medal

Kevin, James and Ken competed as well, They won their first matches but lost their second match. They are gaining that valuable competition experience.

Please note that we are now training Gi on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Friday night will remain Nogi and Open mats can be GI and NOGI as well.

If you are looking at training BJJ, please send an email or call to book a free trial class or just turn up before a class.


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