Competitions Calendar for next few months

The next couple of months are loaded with competitions of different rules and format.

26 June 2021.

Auckland will host the inaugural ADDC event in August.

It will held during the New Zealand Combat Expo at the EventFinda Stadium, Silverfield , Nortshore,

If you like Nogi, this is the place to compete or watch as a spectactor.

The deadline to register is 22/06.

Link to sign up or for more info

17 July 2021

BOP Open Gi Tournament

This Gi event will be held in the heart of Rotorua.

It will be good reason to do a bit of local tourism as well.

The deadline to sign up is 14/07

The rules are SJJIF.

To sign up or for more info

09 August 2021

The combat Centre Jiu-Jitsu will be hosting the TCC Jiu-Jitsu Gi Open.

The event will be GI and will be using the IBJJF rules.

It is probably the first competition to use the IBJJF rules, after NZ grappler did the switch to SJJF. 

However, the event will also a round robin format for division of 5 or fewer competitors.

Please study the rules carefully.

Deadline for registration is 09/07.

It will held in Westgate (West Auckland)

There are more events in South Island and Wellington for the competitors keen to travel a bit further.

03 July

Wellington Winter Championship.

It will be Gi and NOGI under SJJIF rules.

The event is held in Parapaumu, Kaipiti Coast.

24 July

South Islands Champs GI & NOGI in Blenheim.

Rules will be SJJIF.

For more info on the event

21 August

The Carlson Gracie New Zealand will be hosting the Queenstown Gi Open

Late registration is 17 August.

For more info

09 November


King of the South 4 - BJJ GI and NOGI Competition under IBJJF rules 

Late registration 09 Nov.


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