Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Training Report: Week One Semester 2

The first week of semester 2 was a busy seven days of activities.

Monday was a public holidays but Laurance decided to run a class instead of an open mats.

Tuesdays to Friday were the normal classes schedule with James taking the usual nogi Friday night class.

We had our usual open mats on Saturday where our students come down to drill and rolls.

To conclude this week, we also had a open mats from 12-2 pm on Sunday as well.

Our kids and adults programs are striving and we are still taking new members.

Our kids classes are taught by 1 brown belt and 3 blue belts instructors.

Our adults classes are taught by 4 black belts and 1 brown belt.

Please send an email or message for more information and book in your free class.

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