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June 2022 Grading

  We had our long delayed grading on the 7th of June and we gave the following students their new belts. Ben Uy -- Brown Vinicius Tsugi  -- Brown Signy Crowe -- Purple Max Randall -- Purple Nathan Loo -- Purple Sergiy Sevastyanov -- Blue Ryan Shaw -- Blue Nat Glover -- Yellow After grading we had our traditional have free rolling and pizza. At Auckland BJJ we don't have an exam at the graduation, and instead let our students do a demonstration of the abilities that we have seen them demonstrate in our regular classes.  Here are some of the videos Afterwards we have a free rolling and a feed. We like to feed our students after our graduation, which is a practice we have taken from Tikanga Maori, and we believe it really fosters a great sense of belonging and celebration.