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Training Report at AKL BJJ

Busy week for the gym. Laurance took the Monday night class. Stu taught the Tuesday and Wednesday classes and added lot of Judo takedowns. Serge taught half guard sweeps on Thursday night James back overseas taught some more nogi on Friday night.  James has training at New Wave Jiu Jitsu in Austin. We also has some pizzas on Friday night. Sergiy taught a self defence on Saturday morning. He managed to cover 1/4 of his combative program so we will run another 3 additional self defense. We will also be adding the new self defense program to our weekly classes. We are looking for new members. Come down for a free trial. Our fees are $40 per week (no contract).

AKL BJJ Combatives and Self Defense

Introduction: Basic theory Play your game, not someone else's game (a.k.a don't punch) 4 prerequisites of a strong punch and how to deny them: Distance (feasibility) Freedom of movement (feasibility) Multiple muscle group (power delivery) Body mass (power delivery) Standing or rolling, the one who controls the distance controls the outcome of the fight Part 1: Stand up fight Punches Requires gloves and protection to avoid injuries Basic punch blocks Punches to the head (bracing for impact) Taking kicks and groin protection Shooting in Either all the way in or all the way out, get close and stay close common mistakes (stopping in the middle, back our, Judo throw stalling etc.) "Aggressive" opponent - Combative technique 'Hesitant" opponent - Combative technique Haymaker - Combative technique Transition to the ground Basic takedown from the shoot, followed by a basic pass. Main point is to stay close  Defending a head lock - Combative technique Part 2: On the g

Brayden Gets Gold and silver in Stealth!

  And also his 4th stripe

Busy night at 35 Church Street, Onehunga, Auckland


Thomas getting a stripe

Thomas has been a member with us since the end of 2019 :-) and with lockdowns and injuries Serge and Stu think the third stripe is well overdue.  

Ezra and Andrew receiving a stripe


Garth Teaching a throw


Cleaning the mats

  This is the product we use to clean our mats after every training. Safer cleaner and degreaser Powerful, all–purpose cleaning Non–toxic* and biodegradable formula Sassafras fragrance Concentrated Simple Green had it right from the start. A safer non–toxic* cleaner and degreaser that really works and can be economically custom–diluted for many different uses. From floors and walls to pots and pans, windows to sinks and drains, even greasy tools, it only takes a little Simple Green to get big jobs done around the house.

Rent our gym

Our martial arts dojo is available during the day and weekends to other groups.   It's an attractive, airy space with a large open area. The floor is martial arts tatami which creates a great atmosphere and is excellent for movement work.   There is a shower, toilet and changing rooms.  The dojo is used Monday to Friday evenings 6.00  to 9.00 pm and Saturday 10.00 to 12.00 pm but available outside those times.   We are open to it being used on a regular basis by other groups. Price POA

Zenjo Martial Arts Gear in Onehunga

  Zenjo is a martial shop located in Onehunga which has a good range of BJJ gear and brands:  Fuji, Venum, Tatami, Vulcan, Scramble, Grips.\ Location: 368 Onehunga Mall Onehunga  Auckland 1061

New Rash Merchandise From Future Kimono

Stu just received some new merchandise from Future Kimono: Rash guard and shorts. The level of quality remains the same and we noticed that rash guard were lighter that the previous. The level of customization is still amazing with over 6 modifications: your first name, last name, your city, the flag of your country, Instagram account and more options. Definite worth the investment.

Should I get in shape before joining a BJJ school?

  No.  You do not need do in to be in shape. Come down for a free class. You will get fit by training BJJ. It is not like you can do another sport to replicate the body mechanism required for BJJ training. While our class last for 2 hours, beginners do not have stay the entire 2 hours.  Some students stay only for the first hour and half of training.

Instructor's Belt Rank

Both head coaches (Stu and Serge) are 3 degrees black belts certified by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They usually teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Laurance and Luiz who teach on Mondays and Wednesdays are back belt. Friday nogi classes is usually taken by James who is a brown belt. Adam and Tank do cover for Friday night and are brown belt as well. .

How to spar

  In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, sparring is usually call Rolling. How much intensity should you put in rolling? What would the expected etiquette? To start with, you have to look on how much rolling do you plan to do? Our classes are 2 hours long with 1 hour allocated for sparring. Rounds are usually 5 minutes with 1 minutes in between, 10 rounds of 5 minutes which is pretty solid training. Even if you take one round off after a roll, you still have done 25 minutes which still is very good. Most people would train twice a week and can also compliment their training on Saturday which consist of drilling and rollling. I recommend you adjust your pace and strength level to your training partner's pace and strength. Not everyone want to roll every round like it was final of the world championship after all.

Your Goals versus the school focus

We teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with a focus in sport but also in self defense. Our students are encouraged to compete but it is not a requirement. Please come down for a free trial. Beginners welcome

Your Schedule versus the schools available schedule

We currently offers classes from 6 pm to 8 pm from Monday to Friday. We have a sparring class on Saturday which is only open to paying members. This is a total of 12 hours per week.

How to choose the right gym for you?

Proximity to your home or work place We are located at 35 Church Street, Onehunga, Auckland. This is a central location of Auckland. Close to the South Western motorway 20, w e are surrounded  by: Mount Roskill Three Kings Epsom Royal Oak One Tree Hill  Penrose  Mangere

Come down for a Free trial

 You can attend any of our 5 classes during the week for a free trial class. We are located at 35 Church Street, Onehunga. We have 150 square meters of mats. Beginners welcome