Sparring Protocol - The DO's and Don't

As we compete under IBJJF rules, the club will spar under IBJJF rules.

The IBJJF rules applies to GI and NOGI training.

No exception!

Please take the time to read the rules even you do not plan to compete.

It is not acceptable to train in this club and not knowing the rules.

Now regarding the leg locks issue:

NO HEEL HOOKS EVER (even if we roll in nogi).

White belts can only do straight ankle to another white belt/blue/purple belts.

Always ask your training partner if they know how to defend the straight ankle submission before slapping that nasty bad boy.

If in doubt that he does not how to defend it, just do not apply it.

In case, he escapes the wrong way, just let go and save him from injuring himself.

Brown belt and Black belts are allowed knee bar, toe hold, knee slicers.

If you are a white belt, blue or purple, you can only do such leg submissions against a brown and black belt at OUR club.

So basically, the higher belt IBJJF rules competition applies when you roll in our club.

The brown and black belt can in return apply such leg lock to lower belts (white, blue, purple).

This protocol only applies to our club, do not go to another gym and expect them to follow such rules regarding the leg lock game.

Always ask first if you are visiting.

Most the clubs. academies, gyms, dojo usually use the lower belt IBJJF competition rules applies.

So always asks if you are training somewhere else.

Beware of strangers and visitors touching your legs with the intent of doing some subs, that is not cool at all.

Just tell you do NOT roll with leg locks.

Also study the reaping rule, no reaping allowed in GI and NOGI.

Train safe, there is nothing worse than getting a leg injury and you have to walk on injured leg.


Give way to higher belts when you are rolling on the mats.

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