Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Training report: Back Control and Kimura Trap

Last week, we covered the back position for the fundamentals and Kimura trap for the more advanced

The Kimura Trap System was made popular by Mr Avellan.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Next project: MMA shorts and Rash Guard

I am organizing an order for rash guards and grappling short with a supplier in Pakistan.

The minimum is 20 pieces per item.

So we are looking at 20 rash guard and 20 grappling shorts at the moment.

I do not know the final price as I would need to add the freight to the cost price in order to work it out. And we will not know the freight cost until we have the final weight and dims.

But so far, I think it would $40 or under per item which seems to be a good price.

Now I am leaning towards long sleeves because it seems that what most people wear at training.

Size wise.

I would suggest people to order one size up for rash guard just in case but I also put the dimensions as well under the pictures.

I will print them as well and bring them to the dojo.

There will not be rash guard based on color belt (well unless you are a blue belt).

Dates for your calendar

Sunday 03 December

Internal Judo Competition at our sister club Auckland University Judo Club and also Rick Littlewood Sensei birthday.
We will have friendly competition with "old school Kosen Judo" rules. that is pulling guard and grabbing the legs is allowed.
We will cover the rules and mimic this style for the next couple of weeks.
All level welcome.
Remember that it is on Sunday.
Location: Epsom Dojo

Thursday 07 December

During our class from 6 pm to 8 pm.
Graduation for end of the semester 2 - 2017.

We will have domino pizzas, garlic bread, chicken wings, soft drink and beers just like last graduation.

Location: Epsom Dojo

Saturday 09 December

Pizza party at Stu house for our end of the year
Stu has a firewood oven pizza.
We will provide with the dough, sauce, cheese, kava and beers.

Just bring your own topping and become a master chef at making pizza.

The event is during the day/ afternoon.

More information to follow.

We likely to start a facebook event.

Location: Stu house which is in Onehunga.

Classes in December

Last class for the year will be the Saturday 23 December and we will have a break between Xmas and New Year. We can also attend the Judo classes as they continue during the holidays.

First class for 2018: Tuesday 09 January

Additional new website address

We moved to Epsom dojo about 4 years ago.
As we decided to have an internet presence to promote our club but we could not come up with a name.
Rick Littlewood Sensei came up with this brilliant marketing insight of how people looks up for BJJ classes: "Just be Auckland BJJ or BJJ Auckland as it is what people type in their google search".

We have been promoting our link to start with, we even moved to as well.
But we also have address from day one as well which is now linked.