Sunday, 10 November 2019

Taking Junior Squad program for 2020 (term 1)

We are planning to start a Junior Squad next year (2020).

We are looking at offering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes at our Sandringham location.

681 Sandringham Road

The classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5 pm-6 pm (before the senior class).

The instructor will be Jay.
Jay works as teacher at a local high school.

Auckland BJJ has been primarily offering classes to adults and we are very pleased to be able to open our doors to younger members of our community.

We are looking at a running a ten weeks program for term 1:

Monday  03 February 2020
Wednesday 08 April 2020.

The fees are $150 per term for one kid.

If you have an additional sibling, we offer a 50% discount for the additional child or children.

Age range:
We are looking at 10-6 years old at the moment.

If you have a kid under 10 year old, we recommend our other club Auckland Kids BJJ as they teach the younger kids.


Week 1
Mount position

Week 2
Back position

Week 3
Side control

Week 4
knee on the belly

Week 5
guard subs

Week 6
Guard passes

Week 7
Guard sweep

Week 8
half guard

Week 9

Week 10

If the term 1 is a success, then you are likely to continue our junior program for term 2.

Of course, we will give priority to the kids that was already enrolled for term 1.

At moment, we are looking at limiting our number of students to ensure a good ratio for students/teacher.

We are looking at taking the first applications.

How do you apply?

Please email us and write down as much information as possible.

We will reply to confirm your reservation.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Graduation is on Monday 02 December 2019 at Sandringham


Just a reminder that graduation for semester 2 will be held at Sandringham Dojo on Monday 02 December 2019

We will have pizzas and soft drink to conclude the event.

What to expect?

Starts at 6 pm as usual

Warm up
Students receiving belts will get the opportunity to demonstrate couple of techniques.
They are not being tested.
It is their time to shine and show us a couple of moves.
Then we give the belts and stripes.
Open mats until 7.30 pm
Eat pizzas

Finish at 8 pm.

We do charge $50 per graduation (for belt only).
It comes with a certificate and a belt
We charge the same fee irrespective of the belt color.
It means we charge $50 for a blue, purple, brown or black belt

We use the money to buy pizzas and soft drink.

We had 44 people attending the last graduation.

let see if we can break over the number 50.

Monday, 28 October 2019

Pre order - Hammerhead Rash Guard & Shorts

We are doing a pre order for rash guard and shorts.

Please put your order with Serge or Laurance.

We will stop taking order by Saturday 9 November.

Rash Guard: $50
Shorts: $50

Saturday, 19 October 2019

The year of the hybrid: Judo & BJJ competitor Stu

Over this week-end. Stu had finished his last competition for the year 2019.

He won Gold and Silver at the Judo New Zealand 2019 National Championship that was held at Rotorua.

Over this year, he received medals in Gi, Nogi and Judo National event.

Stu cross trained and compete under different rules and format which makes him a hybrid in martial arts of grappling.

On the 27 September 2019, Stu won a silver medal at the NZ grappler Gi Nationals.

On the 07 September 2019, Stu won his division at under 90 kilo (master) and won another silver medal in the open. It was for the North Island Judo Championship.

12 May 2019, Stu won a bronze at the under 90 kg at the Auckland International Open (Judo)

In May, Stu traveled to Japan to compete in the Judo masters. He won bronze medal on his weight bracbet and won silver medal with master team competition. In the below pictures, you can see Stu carrying the late Rick Sensei. Stu traveled to Japan with Rick Sensei and trained under Rick Sensei for many years before he passed away.

Saturday 06 April 2019, Stu won  the silver medal at the NZ grappler Nogi Nationals.

Stu trains and compete for Auckland University Judo Club.

Stu also teach BJJ at Auckland BJJ

Both clubs are taking new members, come in for a free class or email us for more information.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Training report: Knee on the belly and start of the Nogi Season

Knee on the belly is a dominant position which is rewarded by 2 points under IBJJF rules.

During the week, we covered the fundamentals of the KOB, a couple of escapes and a few submissions.

Nogi season has started.

Due to the recent popularity of students watching the ADCC, we decided to start the nogi season in order to prepare of the Mana Submissions only Nogi submissions.

Please check out their website for more information about the time, location and rules.

Also, nogi is on Wednesday in Sandringham and on Thursday in Epsom.

We are still taking new members.

Please come down for a free class or email us if you need more information.

$20 per week on automatic payment, no contract.