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How to choose the right gym for you?

Proximity to your home or work place We are located at 35 Church Street, Onehunga, Auckland. This is a central location of Auckland. Close to the South Western motorway 20, w e are surrounded  by: Mount Roskill Three Kings Epsom Royal Oak One Tree Hill  Penrose  Mangere
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Come down for a Free trial

 You can attend any of our 5 classes during the week for a free trial class. We are located at 35 Church Street, Onehunga. We have 150 square meters of mats. Beginners welcome

We are open on Monday 22/09/22

  We will have a class from 6 pm to 8 pm as usual today which is a public holiday: See you on the mats

New Members Welcome

  5 Amazing Benefits of Grappling – BJJ in Health and Fitness Combines Strength, Cardio and Problem Solving.  Develops Confidence and Mental Toughness.  Stimulates Physiology.  Meditative.  Creates Closeness/Friendship.

Accusations of fast promotion

 On a recent post on a Facebook group, an instructor accused another gym owner of promoting his student to black belt very quickly. There were also insinuations that the belt promotion came with the sale of the BJJ gym. I don't really care much about early promotion in other gyms or sale of gym. But what I would like to point out is that every instructors have their own standards for promoting their students. Surely, one cannot expect all the instructors around the world to share the same standards. Hence the reason for "the beauty lies on the eyes of beholder". Some instructors are accused of promoting too fast and therefore devalue the standards of the martial arts. They are called Mc Dojo. Some instructors are accused of promoting too slow which is called sandbagging by some people. It can get really bad when you see the same white belt winning the beginners division years after years. Beginners should be beginners after all. Also, you have students being accused of gy

IBJJF Referee Certificate

  I just completed and passed the IBJJF Referee course  with a 95% Pass.  In order to ensure that the certified black belts are up to date with the current IBJJF rules, we have to complete a referee course for our next degree (which has been every three years for myself.  Usually, we attend a referee seminar in Melbourne or Sydney.  But due to covid 19, I had to do online for the first time .

Special Offer for the month of September

Sign up for 3 months and receive 3 privates classes with a black belt instructor. The private classes are redeemable on Saturday morning during open mats which are held from 10 AM. The private classes duration are 45 minutes long and are worth $100 each.