Sunday, 8 July 2018

Training report: Side Control and Inter Cub invitational at Auckland BJJ Sandringham Dojo

This week, we covered the topic of side control for fundamentals at both sites.

Stu also continued teaching techniques from the Clark Gracie Seminar to the advanced students at Epsom.

Also, we hosted our first inter club invitional at our new site at Sandringham.

We like to organise an inter club about 4 weeks before a NZ grappler event to get the students the chance to get a bit of competition sparring against students from a different club.

For this event, we had clubs from City BJJ / Atos and Buckland Beach BJJ that participated and helped referee.

We also used the SJJF rules accordingly as they are the new rules used by NZ grapplers.

We hope to organise another inter club (nogi) on Saturday 15 September.
The date and location is to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, all the competitors need to focus on the next event which is the NZ grappler Nationals GI which is on Saturday 11 August 2018.

If you live or work in East Auckland and would like to train BJJ, please check the below link for more information.

If you are live or work in the CBD and would like to train BJJ, please check the below link for more information.

If you live or work around Epsom or Sandringham , please check our page for more information.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Training report: 1 week at Auckland BJJ

Last Sunday

Fern, Stu, Laurance and Luiz went to the Clark Gracie seminar and learn his famous omoplata techniques.

Monday and Wednesday

Classes at Sandrigham where we taught Back position, 2escapes and submissions

Tuesday and Thursday

Classes at Epsom where we taught the omoplata techniques that we learned at the seminar.


We went to the open mats at Big Judo at the Sandringham dojo


Callum, Garth and Jono drove down to the Kapiti coast to compete at the NZ grappler GI Regionals

Richie went to the open mats at Atos.

Laurance went to train at Buckland Beach BJJ

Serge went to the graduation at Auckland Kids BJJ.


Laurance went to train at Church BJJ held at Auckland MMA and VR Jiu Jitsu.

Next Saturday (7 July) we will be organising our invitional GI inter club at our Sandringham Location with Atos and Buckland Beach BJJ.

Please note that we will follow SJJF rules to prepare for the NZ grappler National Gi compete held on 11 August.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Training report: Mount

This week was exciting as we opened our second location in Sandringham.

We are still open for new members (beginners welcome) at our new additional site (681 Sangringham Road).

We covered the topic of the mount which is one of the most devastating position which is rewarded by four points under IBJJF rules.

Next week, we will cover the topic of the back position.

Our coaching staff (Stu, Laurance and Luiz are gone to the Clark Gracie seminar).
I would expect them to come back with with some new techniques and/or new details of techniques.

The club paid for the cost of the seminar for all the coaches.
it is one way to invest back into our instructors and give them motivation and inspiration by training under Clark Gracie.

Also we are having our first inaugural Auckland BJJ Invitational GI competition on Saturday 07 July from 10-12 am.

10-11.55 AM

It is a great way to make new friends and experience one month before the National GI competition which is on 08 August.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

First training at Sandringham.
Beginners welcome. Limited numbers available. 
Please come down for a free class. 
For more information, please email us on 
First in for serve. 
Address is 681 Sandringham road. 
Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 to 8 pm. 
Adults only.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Training program for semester 2

Week 1  starts Monday 18 June

Spider guard

Week 2 starts Monday 25 June

De La Riva

Week 3 starts Monday 02 Jul

Side Control
Reverse de la riva

Week 4 starts Monday 09 July

Knee on the belly
Lasso gaurd

Gi Inter-club held at Sandringham on Saturday 07 July TBC

Week 5 starts Monday 16 July

North South
Kimura Trap

Week 6 starts Monday 23 July

Guard subs
Sit up guard

Week 7 starts Monday 30 July

Guard pass

Week 8 starts Monday 06 August

Guard sweep
Competition training

GI Regional on Saturday 11 August

Week 9 starts Monday 13 August

Top 1/2 guard
Kimura Trap

Week 10 starts Monday 20 August

Bottom 1/2 guard
Reverse De La Riva

Week 11 starts Monday 27 August

Butterfly guard

Week 12 starts Monday 03 September

Question and Answers for Fundamental and advanced

Week 13 starts Monday 10 September

Competition training

No -Gi Inter-club held at Sandringham on Saturday 15 SeptemberTBC

Week 14 starts Monday 17 September

X guard

Week 15 starts Monday 24 September

Side Control
Single X

Week 16 starts Monday 1 October

Knee on the belly
Deep half

Week 17 starts Monday 08 October

North South
Competition training

Auckland NOGI Regional on Saturday 13 October

Week 18 starts Monday 15 October

Guard subs

Week 19 starts Monday 22 October
(closed for public holiday Monday 22 October)

Guard pass
Spider guard

Week 20 starts Monday 29 October

Guard sweeps
Sit up guard

Week 21 starts Monday 05 November

Top half guard
Reverse de la riva

Week 22 starts Monday 12 November

Bottom half guard

Week 23 starts Monday 19 November


Week 24 starts Monday  26 November

Questions and Answer

Week 25 starts Monday 03 December


Sandringham Wednesday 05 December
Epsom Wednesday 06 December

Week 26 starts Monday 10 December

Open mats

Weeks 27 starts Monday 17 December

Open mats

Last day of class in Sandringham is Wednesday 19 December
last day of class in Epsom is Wednesday 20 December

Then holidays

Starts again on Week 1 from Monday 08 Jan 2019 In Sandringham and Tuesday 09 Jan 2019 in Epsom.