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Stu and Serge are now IBJJF 3 degrees Black Belts

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Auckland BJJ belt testing requirements

  Auckland BJJ is an IBJJF team registered. Our instructor Serge is IBJJF black belt certified. We follow the strict guideline of the IBJJF graduation system. Please see below the list of techniques that a student will demonstrate for their belt exams. BLUE BELT REQUIREMENTS On average, 18 to 30 months of training with a minimum of 100 to 120 classes plus passing the following test. Belt promotions are always at the discretion of the head instructor. Factors such as above-average class attendance, natural ability, or competing could possibly shortened the time to blue belt, while a poor attitude, bad temper, or a lack of common morality outside the school could lengthen it. THROWS AND TAKEDOWNS 2 throws or takedowns SELF-DEFENSE 1 guillotine defense (standing up) 1 headlock defense (standing up) 1 headlock defense (on the ground) PASSING THE

Kane receiving a stripe


Graduation Tuesday 6th of December

Hi, Just a reminder that graduation for semester 2 will be held at 35 Church Street on Tuesday 06 December 2022 We will have pizzas and soft drink to conclude the event. What to expect? Starts at 6 pm as usual Warm up Stretch Students receiving belts will get the opportunity to demonstrate couple of techniques. They are not being tested. It is their time to shine and show us a couple of moves. Then we give the belts and stripes. Open mats until 7.30 pm Eat pizzas Finish at 8 pm. We do charge $65 per graduation (for belt only). It comes with a certificate and a belt We charge the same fee irrespective of the belt color. It means we charge $50 for a blue, purple, brown or black belt We use the money to buy pizzas and soft drink.

Nogi season has started: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Our first class

Training Report at AKL BJJ

Busy week for the gym. Laurance took the Monday night class. Stu taught the Tuesday and Wednesday classes and added lot of Judo takedowns. Serge taught half guard sweeps on Thursday night James back overseas taught some more nogi on Friday night.  James has training at New Wave Jiu Jitsu in Austin. We also has some pizzas on Friday night. Sergiy taught a self defence on Saturday morning. He managed to cover 1/4 of his combative program so we will run another 3 additional self defense. We will also be adding the new self defense program to our weekly classes. We are looking for new members. Come down for a free trial. Our fees are $40 per week (no contract).

AKL BJJ Combatives and Self Defense

Introduction: Basic theory Play your game, not someone else's game (a.k.a don't punch) 4 prerequisites of a strong punch and how to deny them: Distance (feasibility) Freedom of movement (feasibility) Multiple muscle group (power delivery) Body mass (power delivery) Standing or rolling, the one who controls the distance controls the outcome of the fight Part 1: Stand up fight Punches Requires gloves and protection to avoid injuries Basic punch blocks Punches to the head (bracing for impact) Taking kicks and groin protection Shooting in Either all the way in or all the way out, get close and stay close common mistakes (stopping in the middle, back our, Judo throw stalling etc.) "Aggressive" opponent - Combative technique 'Hesitant" opponent - Combative technique Haymaker - Combative technique Transition to the ground Basic takedown from the shoot, followed by a basic pass. Main point is to stay close  Defending a head lock - Combative technique Part 2: On the g