Sunday, 20 January 2019

Grappling Competition Dates for NZ 2019

Grappling Competition Dates for NZ 2019 (So far) 
26th January - Mana Championship Submission Only - Auckland
9th February - Full Force Submission Only - Hamilton
23rd February - NZ Grappler No Gi Regionals - Auckland
2nd March - Rivercity No Gi Tournament - Whanganui
9th March - NZ Grappler Kids Camp - Auckland
16th March - NZ Grappler No Gi Regionals - Wellington
6th April - NZ Grappler No Gi Nationals - Auckland
13th and 14th April - TNT Gi and No Gi Invitational - Auckland
13th April - Wellington Open Submission Only No Gi - Wellington
27th April - Māori Nationals - New Plymouth
4th May - NZ Grappler Kids Camp - Auckland
18th May - NZ Grappler Gi Regionals - Dunedin
15th June - NZ Grappler Gi -Auckland
29th June - Rivercity Gi Tournament - Whanganui
July 13th - Southern Tribes Gi Open - Levin
26th-28th July - Submission Sisters - Nz Girls Grappling Camp - Hamilton
10th August - NZ Grappler Gi - Wellington
21st September - Wellington Open - Submission Only Gi - Wellington
28th September - NZ Grappler Gi Nationals - Auckland
26th October - NZ Grappler No Gi - Dunedin
9th November - NZ Grappler Kids Camp - Auckland
9th November - Rivercity No Gi Tournament - Whanganui

Training report: Back position

The fundamental topic for the week was the back position.

We also continued in our back attacks (enter the system) for our advanced students.

It was the second week for the year and we can start seeing some good numbers in terms of attendance (especially at Epsom where we had 26 students on Thursday night).

Also, we had 6 female members training last Tuesday which a new record.

We are still open to take more students.
All level welcome.

We will be teaching side control next week for beginners and continue on our back attack system for advanced program.

More Competitions, More BJJ Camp in NZ

4 events to put in your calendars


Move over IBJJF and SJJF rules with your boring points system, complex rules and restricted submissions

The new kid on the block is submission only event with cool rules like knee reaping and a wider range of submissions like heel hooks, spinal lock etc..
Did I mention "no point system as well?

The first event that I noticed was an sub only NOGI event competition with Mana Championship which will be held in Auckland on Saturday 26 January 2019.

Full Force Sub only Nogi Competition is on Saturday 09 February 2019 and will be held at MMA Core in Hamilton.


Theses events are gender based BJJ camp: Woman only BJJ camp.

For years, local BJJ women created this unique type of camp in Auckland which grew by the years to the point when they fill the roster of female guest instructors only. 
It reflects the growth and participation of NZ BJJ but also draw supporters from Australia in form of participants and guest instructors.
Their event is on 26-28th July 2019 and will be held in Hamilton for the first time.

In Wellington, a similar type of camp has been offered which will held on July 14-20 July.
Similar concept but hosting 2 international instructors of world class levels (Leticia Ribeiro, Bia Mesquita).
I would assume that the organizers will fill the rest of the classes with local instructors if required.

Hopefully, all the events would be successful and will be able to continue to host future events to grow the sports in NZ.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

NZ Grappler - NO GI - National Championship - NZ OPEN - Saturday 06 April 2019 - Barfoot and THompson Stradium 203 Kohimara Road Auckland

NZ Grappler -
 National Championship -
Saturday 06 April 2019 -
Barfoot and THompson Stadium
203 Kohimara Road

Please contact NZ grappler for more information

NZ Grappler - NOGI - SUmmer Slam - Auckland Regional Series - 23 February 2019 - Kohimarama

New Zealand's Premier Grappling Circuit

Come and dust off those cobwebs at the Auckland Regional Summer Slam.

No Gi Grappling at its finest right here in Auckland.

We are now fully running our SmoothComp system so don't miss out on your chance to rack up those points ! Every match you have will be recorded in your official BJJ record, that you will be able to keep for life.

Prize giving for divisions are going to be held 15 minutes after the division is finished for both Adults and Kids - so that you can get on with your weekend !

We will have a streamlined process for athletes on the ground and will have your brackets published before the event along with the schedule.

As the tournament grows, we put back in, so that we all level up together!

Spectators $10