Arama Family

πŸ₯‹ Meet the Arama Family: Sharing Their BJJ Journey with Us πŸ₯‹

Hey Auckland BJJ community,

We're excited to introduce you to the awesome Arama family who have become a cherished part of our mats. Their journey with us has been filled with dedication, growth, and some impressive wins!

The Arama family's BJJ story began a few years back when they were training at another dojo. With four years of experience under their belts, they decided to join us in June 2022. And we're so glad they did! From day one, their enthusiasm has been infectious.

What's even more inspiring is the fact that, in October of the same year, their dad made a fantastic choice – he left the couch behind and joined us on the mats. It's been incredible watching him embrace BJJ and embark on this journey alongside his kids.

Daisy and Tuhaka Arama have been making waves on the competition scene. They've been regulars in tournaments and have been racking up some well-deserved medals at both the national and regional levels. We're seriously impressed by their commitment and talent.

But it's not just about medals and tournaments. The Arama family embodies the true spirit of our Auckland BJJ community. Their support for one another and the positive vibes they bring to every session are truly special. They remind us that BJJ is about more than just the techniques – it's about the friendships and the shared journey.

We're incredibly grateful that the Arama family chose to be a part of our Auckland BJJ family. Here's to more years of rolling, growing, and celebrating each other's successes.

So, next time you see Daisy, Tuhaka, or any of the Arama family members on the mats, give them a high-five and share a roll. They're a fantastic bunch, and we're lucky to have them with us!

Keep it playful and keep the BJJ spirit alive! πŸ€™πŸ₯‹ #AramaBJJAdventures #AucklandBJJFamily