Semester 2 2023 graduation

Auckland BJJ Celebrates Semester 2 Graduation with New Belt Promotions and Commemorations

Auckland Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) community recently gathered to celebrate the much-anticipated Semester 2 graduation ceremony, marking a significant milestone in the journeys of many dedicated practitioners.

Orange and Blue Belts Rise in the Ranks

The highlight of the event was the belt promotions. Young Daisy Arama was awarded the orange and white belt, showcasing her progress and dedication in BJJ. Her sibling, Tuhaka Arama, along with Nate Glover, also stepped up their game, earning their green belts.

In an exciting family development, Jason Arama achieved the blue belt, surpassing his children in the BJJ ranking, a moment of pride and humor for the family. Mason Stanners also joined the blue belt ranks, demonstrating his skill and commitment to the sport.

Special Recognitions from ETK

The event was further graced by three visitors from our sister club, ETK. In a proud moment, Kula from ETK honored Elliott Bromfield, Andrew Evans, and Craig Hughes with their blue belts. This gesture not only symbolized their growth in BJJ but also strengthened the bond between the two clubs.

Black Belts: A Journey of Mastery and Dedication

A special commemoration was held for our first batch of black belts, who passed their 3-year anniversary. These dedicated practitioners were awarded their first-degree stripes, a testament to their ongoing commitment and mastery of BJJ. Additionally, Kula from ETK received his second-degree stripe, highlighting his exceptional skill and leadership in the martial art.

Celebrations and Community Spirit

After the demonstrations and presentations, the dojo buzzed with excitement during the free rolling session. This was an opportunity for everyone to showcase their skills in a friendly and supportive environment. The event concluded with a communal gathering over pizza, allowing members to bond, share their experiences, and celebrate their achievements together.

This graduation ceremony was more than just a display of BJJ skills; it was a celebration of perseverance, community, and the continuous journey of learning. Congratulations to all the graduates for their achievements and to the Auckland BJJ community for fostering such a supportive and thriving environment.

Author: Chad T. Gepetto