Semester 1 2024 Graduation

Auckland BJJ Winter Graduation 2024: A Celebration of Growth and Skill

On Tuesday, June 6th, 2024, the Auckland BJJ community gathered to celebrate the hard work and dedication of its members during the winter graduation ceremony. The event was a memorable evening, filled with demonstrations of skill, camaraderie, and of course, delicious pizza.

Celebrating Our New Graduates

The night kicked off with the much-anticipated belt promotions. We are proud to announce the following graduates:

Brown Belt:

Purple Belt:

Blue Belt:

Each of these individuals has shown remarkable dedication, perseverance, and passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Their promotions are well-deserved, and we are excited to see their continued growth on the mats.

Demonstrations of Skill

After the formal belt promotions, the newly graduated students took to the mats to showcase their skills. Each demonstration highlighted the technical proficiency and unique style of the graduates. From intricate guard passes to powerful submissions, the audience was treated to a display of the artistry and effectiveness of BJJ.

Kane White, Nathan James Loo, and Luis Saez Ferrada demonstrated the advanced techniques that earned them their brown belts. Sergiy Sevastyanov showcased the prowess and strategic thinking that marked his journey to purple belt. Andrew Xiang En Wang, Greg Thornton, and Alex Gaimster impressed everyone with their solid foundations and the dynamic techniques that secured their blue belts.

Open Mats and Celebrations

Following the demonstrations, the mats were opened for all members to roll and train together. This open mat session was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to learn from each other, exchange techniques, and enjoy the spirit of the BJJ community. Whether a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer, everyone had a chance to test their skills and have fun.

The evening concluded with a well-deserved pizza party. The dojo was filled with laughter, stories, and the shared joy of achievement. It was a time to relax, celebrate, and build stronger bonds within the Auckland BJJ family.

Looking Ahead

The winter graduation of 2024 was a testament to the dedication and hard work of our members. As we celebrate these achievements, we also look forward to the future, with many more milestones to come. Congratulations to all our graduates, and thank you to everyone who made this event a success.

Let’s continue to train hard, support each other, and grow together as a community. See you on the mats!


Our video of the graduation is here